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Sail on, Silver Girl.

December 18, 2010

Sail  on.


Ugly is in

December 11, 2010

In the last few days that I’ve failed to write, here’s what’s happened, since I don’t really feel like going into too much detail..

*My new/only friend in Marietta told me that if I continued to volunteer walking dogs at the Humane Society her boyfriend told her she was no longer to speak to me (due to a perverted ex bf of hers who now works there)

*I took a trip back to middle school times and had the receptionist ask out the UPS guy for me.

*Re-visited Goodwill to look for more ugly christmas sweaters, to find they were all out! Apparently ugly is in.

*Arranged a Sunday lunch date with UPS guy over the phone, to find out he sounds just like Rocky Balboa, with a thick WV accent. He also seemed quite un-enthusiastic over the phone. Adrian!

*Had a friday night that avalanches from “going out on my own to a bar/social place” to “Going out to Sears and hanging out in the tools section” to “Hanging out with my cat and attacking a 2Lb brick of Colby Jack using my favorite weapon of choice, wheat thins”.

Conclusions I’ve made based on the above highlights during the past few days.

*Controlling boyfriends aren’t going to control my life, especially if they aren’t even my boyfriend.

*My guy radar is completely broken.

*If I can’t find a group of true friends, or anything to keep me socially active staying here isn’t worth it.

Life Choices; smart life or fun life?

December 8, 2010

In the next 2 days, my boss is going to ask me if I will take on 2 jobs. One job is a short-term (2 mos) gig, the other is one where I should stick with it at least 2 years or so. My plans for this summer were to get out of OH/WV, go back to Rochester where my friends, family, and Sailing are all waiting to greet me for the summer. Once there, I’d once again be jobless, scraping for cash to live, and moving around from place to place. This is usually how I spend my Summers in Rochester. I’ve moved 5 times in the last Year and a half, yugh.

SO, the decision is mine to make, and soon. Take only the short-term job, then off to Rochester this summer/potentially longer….  or take both jobs, have a stable income, and miss out on the stuff I am starting to miss ridiculously. I need to assume that I will eventually find friends and maybe a love or two in Ohio, but can I wait that long?

Today I took a lot of pictures with my cell phone. I really need to get my camera up and working again, they come out so much better.  Here’s your  visual representation of my day… I’ll let you guess what it all means, and if you give up, read the literary version below…   here we go!

Early Morning– practiced in the Orchestra that my sister teaches at the local MS/HS.  I’m so proud of her for starting the string program in an area where strings were almost extinct. Unfortunately she teaches violin, so there are no student cellists! Such a shame.

Went to work. Nothing to do, waited for a while for my boss to get back to me about what I should do.

Goodwill run during lunch break to buy an ugly Christmas sweater for the company Christmas party… Attempted to take a sexy picture of myself in said sweater, failed.

Back to work! Still nothing to do in this odd transitional phase, resorted to doodling an allizard!

NO MORE WORK,… went to Humane Society since I didn’t get  to it during lunch break, walked 3 dogs, only one sat still enough for a snapshot .

HOME, and Christmas came early, for there was a Willie Nelson sings Christmas Songs record waiting for me 🙂

Hot tubbin time. Not sure if this picture made it. If not, you’re not missing much

Oh yeah, that last picture is from Halloween. It snuck in there during my uploading and I didn’t feel like finding out how to get it out. enjoy.

Friendship Links

December 8, 2010

I think my friend Nea and I are twins, secretly separated at birth. We may be different races, but she is absolutely my best friend, and we seem to go through life at the exact pace. I mean, exact. We move at the same time,  we decided (separately) to get rid of our cars at the same time. It’s not as if we plan these things out, they just happen. We meet boys and fall in love at the same time, then just like always, our relationships break up… within 24 hours of the other persons. We don’t even live within 500 miles of one another any more, and we’re still living the same life.

I’ve decided that if nobody reads this, I’m ok with that. Half the time I go back and read my own posts I think they are shallow and immature.

Another hurdle was thrown at me during work today. Recapping the other post: I was told that my job of selling energy-efficient retrofit packages isn’t profitable enough for the company, and that I should make a few more sales to offset my own costs, then call it quits. I made those sales, a few sales totaling around $10,000. Today I found out that our residential electrician is taking his journeyman test in a month. This means that I can’t afford to use him as my main worker to make any profit at all. Since there is nobody left who is a residential electrician working for my company, I  have to figure out how to make my big jobs, make money.  I’ve had my hard times with this job, and always overcome what’s been thrown at me. This is going to be a tough one.


My humane society pooch of the day is Pugsly. I had the pleasure of walking him… actually it was more of HIM walking ME today during my lunch break. This is usually the highlight of my workday 🙂




So,  I’m thinking about where to go after WV. I might go back to NY. My friends are there, culture exists there, but one of my better reasons to move back is because my

Sailing on Moondance is there.


Here’s the deal

December 7, 2010

Feeling pretty crappy, so I decided to do something that could be fun.

For anyone who comments anything at all about this blog/post/life, (even completely random) as long as it’s honest, I’ll visit your site and give you a genuine compliment.


HypocriticALLISON needs to be slapped

December 6, 2010

You know when your friends are upset at something that is so stupid and easy to solve, but all they can do is blubber and mope because they are so caught up in the subject?  Don’t you want to slap them and say “Knock it off!” I do.  I need to be slapped now.

On another note, I went to the Humane Society of Ohio Valley to sell them lightbulbs, and ended suckering myself into volunteering. I guess they are better salespeople than I am!

AND my boss told me that I have a month to finish my sales-stuff then we’re abandoning the project I’m working on (my entire job).  This was my highlight of a crappy day. At least now I don’t have to  quit my job when I decide where to go next (happening in the next several months.. any suggestions?). Until I leave, I was presented with a short term job, doing some mind-numbing (and higher paid) computer data entry.

Love this dog

Hello world!

December 6, 2010

Imagine a place and time where everything is content to you. The people you enjoy being with are nearby, opportunities for excitement and learning always available. Can you see it? What does it look like to you, I’m just curious.

Should a 20 something really know how he/she will live from now until they are ready to move to Florida and retire? I’ve recently moved to WV, and have noticed a big change, in everything. The cities around here are like the suburbs in NY (Rochester, not the City). West Virginia cities care about you, they aren’t out to snag your wallet in tickets. The people in the cities (everywhere) don’t ask you for money or a smoke. They wave at you and say ‘hello’ as if you had met before. People here know everything about you and if you stick with a few choice ladies, you’ll know everything about them too.  They marry young, and have kids young, even before the age that I probably went on my first date (a-w-k-w-a-r-d).  In regards to everything in the above paragraph, I don’t like it.

I have nothing against that way of life, it just isn’t for me. Hopefully by the time allizard gets her blog together and thriving, she’ll get her life together as well, on some sort of progressive path.

Has anyone else had a really bad first date that tops falling off a trampoline into dog ****